5 things I never leave the house without

Is it just me or does it feel like you have to take everything but the kitchen sink when you go out for the afternoon with your toddler? I know right! Often it’s heaps of stuff we take ‘just incase’ but here is a list of 5 things that are necessities for me!


I always prepare snacks ahead of time! Think chopped fruit, cheese cubes, raisins, crackers etc. I take several little tubs out with me. It makes life so much easier to have food at hand before your toddler gets too hungry and there isn’t a shop in sight (been there!) and it also saves me making poor choices. Always remember to take a drink of water too, not just for the little one but for yourself. Often I’ve forgotten about myself then I end up dehydrated and cranky which is fun for nobody! It’s important to look after yourself too!


Okay so I might be the only one who does this but I still use his muslin cloths! We’re talking snotty noses, spilt drinks, wiping hands, etc. They’re handy for anything, last summer the kids jumped into the water play at our local playgroup and I saved the day using his larger muslins as towels for the kids! Anyway you get my point! Toddlers are bound to get messy some way or another so always have something at hand to clean up.

  • 3. TOYS

Just a few of your toddlers favourite, smaller toys. My only rule here is keep it practical, he might love his football more than anything but it’s not an ideal thing to carry around with you all day! For me it’s a hotwheels car, plastic dinosaur and a small rubber duck (don’t ask!). Something you know will keep them occupied whilst your in a restaurant/cafe, in the car or even if they’re fed up in the shopping trolley!


What can I say, accidents happen! Even if your toddler isn’t potty training yet it’s still a good idea to have spare clothes. Falling over in the mud, getting caught in the rain, spilling food/drink. Nobody wants to be walking round in damp, soggy clothes and it makes you more willing to let your kids explore and get their hands dirty! It’s something I would always forget so now I keep some old clothes in the bottom of his change bag. (Top tip: I keep both short and long sleeve options so I don’t have to worry about the weather that day!)

  • 5. A DAY PLAN

Okay so this one isn’t actually a thing, but more a mental note. Have you ever decided last minute to go and have a nice day out only to realise it definitely should be nap time right now and you have no idea where or when your going to have lunch?! End result is a screaming, unhappy child and cranky parents, nobody has a good day and you wonder why you even bothered (we’ve all been there!). I always try to plan ahead or at least consider these things if I don’t get chance. I’m not saying to have a written schedule including toilet breaks but just think about these things before heading out!

So there we have it, my list of things I never leave the house without. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me! My last piece of advice is to stay positive no matter what your day throws at you.

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