How I stay Organised

So I’ve been working on being more organised recently. I mean, it shouldn’t be that hard, yes I have a toddler but I literally had no routine! Crazy right! The problem is me and my partner work different shifts most of the time (I am a bar/restaurant manager, he also works shifts) and they’re always changing around. So it’s hard to set up the same routine every day, but I decided to pull myself together! Here’s how I did it…

So firsts things first, get your ass out of bed in the morning! I mean it, when your alarm goes off (your alarm probably being your child) get straight up! It’s so easy to laze around in bed for 20 mins whilst your toddler plays, especially if you’ve had no sleep! (even easier if you have no kids) But does it ever make you feel any better? Not really. Even if you have nowhere to be, get up and start your day!

Next thing is to make a morning routine, even if it’s a vague one. Be it breakfast or shower first, try and make it similar every day. We go down for breakfast, have half an hour of TV then shower and get dressed. Although it might work for you, we can’t set strict times as Albert doesn’t always wake up at the same time everyday, so it’s pretty pointless for us. That being said if he isn’t awake by 6.45am I do have an alarm set to get us up (but let’s face it, this never happens!).

To help things go smoothly in the morning I always have a 5/10 minute tidy around before I go to bed. Put all toys away, make sure pots are washed, straighten cushions on the sofa, I even get Alberts porridge prepared in the pan so I just have to add the milk and heat in the morning (he is so impatient for his breakfast). These might seem like little unimportant things that can wait till the next day but I will tell you it is so nice to come down to things being organised! Lets face it, nobody wants to be searching round for things, tidying up, dreading washing that big pile of pots first thing in the morning whilst trying to sort out your little one. You will have less to do and more time to enjoy your morning.

De-clutter! Enough said. Do you really need all that crap in you junk drawer? That jumper with the hole in you don’t wear anymore? That thing you’ve been keeping for years just incase you might need it for something? Answer is no! Throw it out. You will have more space and less stuff to tidy. Either have a big clear out or just throw things away as you see them. Rule is if you haven’t used it in the past year you probably never will.

Lastly I like to plan my day. I have a bullet journal where I like to write down my chores, appointments, day trips I’m going to take and planned activities for the little one. Before this I’d leave all my chores to the end of the week, have no idea what day I changed the bedding last and spend all day thinking I probably should do something with Albert but end up staying in all day doing nothing. You can either use a diary, or just write out a weekly plan. I’m not saying you have to do exciting things every day but if I write down that we’re going to paint on Thursday I’m more likely to do it. And now I have a routine for my chores so I don’t really have to worry about it now, I just do them out of habit. It really has been the biggest help to organise my life! I almost forgot, my last tip is to meal plan. This is so helpful! You don’t have to stress last minute about what you have in to cook and it saves so much money! Every Monday (or whichever day you shop on), plan your week out, what meals you will eat each day and a shopping list. I only include my evening meals but you could also do lunches/breakfast.

These are the things I do to help live a more organised life, and I must say I am much happier now I have a bit more of a routine! To say I have more things scheduled I feel like I have so much more time, I am more productive and less stressed out! I enjoy my days so much more. Try to make some small changes yourself and see how it makes you feel!

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