Farmyard Fun

So today we took Albert to Piglets Adventure Farm, York. The weather was perfect for it, and he’s really enjoying being outside and learning about animals at the moment so we thought it would be good for him!

We have the usual problem when going out, nap time. Obviously we can’t wait till after his nap because it would be too late, so we pray he falls asleep in the car as its a 40 minute journey for us. This doesn’t go to plan, he falls asleep with 5 minutes to go! And I mean now he’s walking we don’t use his pushchair much and it’s a shot in the wind to try and get him to sleep in there anyway! Nevermind, I can guarantee he will have a danger nap on on the way home.

We arrive, wake him up and he is super excited! Yay! We spend a while playing on the wooden tractors and slides etc, he still needs a little encouragement at the moment though. They have huge bouncy ‘pillows’ to play on and this was great fun! Luckily we went on a Friday, I imagine it would of been too busy to enjoy these things with Albert on a weekend, with him being so little.


We decide to go back to the café for lunch after this as, knowing Albert is also tired, we don’t want him to get cranky. The café offers a small range of food, we order hot drinks, cookies and food for Al. There is also a small inside play area with a slide and ball pit, good job really as they forgot about Albert’s lunch! 30 minutes later we get his food and head back outside.

Next stop, animals! I was so excited to show Albert the little lambs, piglets ect. but turns out he was scared stiff! He loved the sheep, ponies and donkeys outside in the fields however in the petting barn it was just to noisy. The little lambs bleating was so loud he just burst into tears! Daddy took him outside whilst I enjoyed a quick pet of the babies!


Next stop, tractor ride! There is a tractor and trailer that takes you to another play area frequently throughout the day. Albert has just discovered a love for tractors so he was thrilled! It takes us to a big tent where your able to get hot drinks, ice cream and pizza (pizza on weekends only!). There is a section with ride on tractors for the big and little ones, difficult to tear Albert away from these! There are also slides and rope swings over a hay pit for the bigger ones. The best thing in here is they have a big corn pit filled with buckets and spades, similar to the idea of sand but with corn. To our surprise Albert didn’t try to eat it and played in here for ages!

Then back for ice cream and more playing on the park things! He did really well considering he had not had a nap and wasn’t at all cranky! GLeaving, we bought him a tractor from the gift shop, (he loves it!) and he did have a good nap on the way home in the car. We had a great day!


Overall the place was good and very reasonably priced. Just make sure you check the weather as some things were closed due to the ground being boggy! (and I think more things close if it’s raining). Obviously we had a bad experience in the café but it is what it is. There are also plenty of picnic benches outside if you wanted to bring your own food. It’s a nice little day out for the family but be prepared for it to be busy on weekends!

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