Parenting on a budget

I’m going to share with you some tips on how to save money when raising a child. It’s going to cost money, there’s no doubt about it, but with a few small changes you could be saving heaps!

Second Hand Clothes

Now I know some people can be totally snooty about this but this has been one of the biggest money savers for me. Baby clothes can be so expensive and the amount they go through is unreal! Luckily my stepmom has 3 young boys so I got given alot from her, just ask any of your friends/family because so many will have baby clothes kept that they no longer need. If it’s the quality stopping you, a lot of the stuff I was given had only been worn a couple of times, some not at all. Yes you might get some garments past their best but just throw them out and keep the good stuff, then put everything through the wash.

Homemade Food

I always plan my weekly meals then shop accordingly, it stops impulse buys, overspending and waste. Even so I often have some fruit or veg left over. The fruit I cook (if needed) then blitz up and put in an ice cube mould, these fruit cubes can be used for porridge, yoghurt or any pudding really they are so versatile. I make soup with the leftover vegetables, I dice everything up and stick it in a pan with some organic stock, blitz and freeze in some little plastic tubs I have. This is great as its so healthy, especially compared to tinned soup (less salt!), works out cheaper and you can change the consistency if your weaning. You can literally throw in any vegetables and even add some meat if you want. Another thing is I take out prepared snacks, it’s cheaper and you can chose healthier options rather than grabbing stuff on the go. Cheese cubes, chopped fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers, raisins, etc. I find making meals much healthier and cheaper than buying ready meals, especially for my children.

Charity Shops

Don’t be embarrassed to shop in charity shops. So many people use them these days and it’s much better for the environment to reuse things rather than buy brand new all the time. Toys, let’s be honest a toddler doesn’t have the greatest care in the world for their toys, they’re still learning. There is no point buying everything brand new. You can save so so much money from browsing the charity shops, I bought a walker for 50p! That saved me at least £20. A few small things like that add up. Also they’re great for books! If your little one is anything like mine he loves books but has also managed to chew, rip, pull apart a few. It’s good to have some on hand to let him explore without worrying about them too much, and you can never have too many books!


Whilst on the topic of books, register at your local library. It’s free! I love my library. They have a fantastic children’s section. Not only is it completely free, it’s nice to take your little one to explore, pick their own books and discover their love of reading. It’s nice to get out the house and often they do story time and other events for the little ones.


All this being said, there’s still going to be a few new things you really want for your child. Don’t be afraid to ask for them for your little ones birthday! If it’s quite expensive, ask some family members to put in together to buy it. This has been really handy for me as it’s allowed me to get Albert some stuff I otherwise wouldn’t of bought. Also if your expecting, your baby shower is the perfect time to ask for things you need to, be it something for the nursery or even nappies!


Don’t feel pressured into buying a specific brand. They are so much more expensive! I thought I would only use a brand but I tried my local supermarket’s nappies (over half the price!) and I actually found them to be better. Albert leaked everytime with the brand but never with the supermarket nappies, they held much better. Try a few out and use what’s best for you, but don’t buy branded just because you think you should. Another option is reusable cloth nappies (these aren’t for everyone though). I myself didn’t use them however they are cheaper and great for the environment. I have heard plenty good things about them.

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