Reading is one of the most important activities for children. Not only does it provide great entertainment for them but they learn so much from books! You can broaden your vocabulary and expand the mind without even realising it. We read to Albert several times throughout the day and always have stories before bed (I myself always read before bed too)! You can never have too many books and they always make a good gift/treat (much better than praising children with sugary sweets or chocolate). If Albert has been particularly good I treat him to a book from Waterstones. Update your bookshelf! And if you don’t read yourself, it’s never too late to start.

Last week Albert picked up one of the Julia Donaldson books ‘What the ladybird heard’ from the library. He absolutely fell in love with it! The illustrations really capture his attention and glitter on every page? Who doesn’t love glitter?! Now he’s only just grasped the whole concept of the library but when he took this particular book back he was heartbroken! I’m talking crying on the floor, heartbroken. When I got home I purchased it online straight from Waterstones. They have the best selection of Julia Donaldson books I’ve seen, more than I even knew existed. Click here and go and check out their amazing selection now whilst some of the Julia Donaldson books are currently on offer!

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