Halloween is slowly starting to become my favourite time of year. The colours, the costumes, the candy! I love it all! I’m going to do a little blog post about how to make the most of it, though it’s only one night the build-up can be just as much fun!

First things first, it is never too early! Okay so maybe don’t start pulling out the fake blood in March but as soon as the calendar hits October I am already thinking about pumpkins. We save big pumpkins for later in the month but buy mini pumpkins (squash) for the local greengrocers or supermarket. They are often very cheap, last a long time and also look super cute! They make lovely autumn decor throughout the whole month. Also it’s fun to do some colouring with the little ones, it’s so simple to print, buy or draw Halloween characters then once they’re looking all colourful and spooky we make them into a garland to decorate the house! Next thing is costumes! With Albert being quite young still he’s not a huge fan of big bulky costumes/masks so I’m taking my hand to make something this year (wish me luck)! Now costumes aren’t for everyday however we like to play dress up using spooky accessories and play at being ghosts, zombies, witches, werewolves… You name it! It provides hours of entertainment and also gets the little ones used to being/seeing others dressed up. There are so many ideas for all things Halloween on Pinterest, it’s where I came across these amazing, customisable socks! Taking me back to my childhood, they literally have any colour to match even the hardest of costumes!





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