Why you should hire a tribute band

Choosing which live entertainer to use for an event is a tough decision. Established bands are expensive and will take away from other areas of your event’s budget. However, new bands may not have the experience or expertise to be trustworthy enough to play at your event. One alternative would be to hire a tribute band or cover band. These bands have a slew of positives and can be great for your event. So what’s so great about a cover band? Here’s why you should hire a tribute band. 


Nostalgia is an extremely powerful feeling that has great sway over us. We all have happy memories from the past, and remembering these memories brings back a flood of emotions. Senses like sound are strongly connected with memory, especially when it comes to something like music. A tribute band can bring all of your happy memories back, especially if the tribute band is emulating one of your favorite bands. You could be reminded of a first dance or first date, or just a happy memory from your childhood or teenage years. Tribute bands are perfect at  bringing up great old memories and making you feel nostalgic, making them a great hire. 

Unique Experience 

Many of the bands that tribute bands try to replicate no longer exist. Acts like the Beatles have been broken up for a long time, and other musical acts like Elvis may not even be alive anymore. As a result, you’ll never be able to see those great musical acts perform live. However, tribute bands can provide the next best thing, nearly replicating the magic that those legendary performers captured. It is a truly unique experience, something that takes you back in time. If you’re someone who missed out on seeing your favorite band live, a tribute band may be the next best thing. 


Much like nostalgia, familiarity is a powerful feeling. People usually don’t like change and branching out, as they would rather have a sense of familiarity. Thankfully, tribute bands are usually formed in honor of famous bands that have reached worldwide fame. Legendary musical acts like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Elvis are typically the bands that are imitated. These bands are extremely popular, and many people are familiar with their music. Everyone has different tastes in music, but these bands seem to transcend that and have reached peak popularity. As a result, a tribute band will likely play famous songs that nearly all of your guests will be familiar with. 

Safe Choice

Since tribute bands typically choose to emulate bands that are relatively well known, a tribute band is a safe choice among partygoers. You know that the music they will play will be well received by guests, and there is little to no risk that guests will be dissatisfied. Taking a chance on a local up-and-coming band can be fun, but it can also horrendously backfire. An unknown band can play songs that guests don’t like and may be in the completely wrong genre. Tribute bands are also extremely common in larger cities. Vegas is famous for its multitude of Elvis impersonators, and New York’s location will make it easier to find a cover band for whatever event you’re having. Los Angeles is another city with lots of tribute bands, making it easier to find a cover band in Los Angeles. You know exactly what you’re getting with a tribute band, and there is little room for surprises. One of the best things about a tribute band is that risk is minimized, making them the ultimate safe choice for your party’s entertainment. 

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